6 comments on “Reboot Camp (A July 4th Declaration)

  1. Coming from a family of service members who have proudly served, and been wounded, I applaud your continued efforts to focus more attention on the personal cost of war. Your son is a wonderful young man, and I know how much he wanted to join. Please know that I will continue to support your great efforts.

  2. Hi David:
    You are a terrific writer, so I continue to be interested in your project. Please keep me informed re: progress, and be sure to tell Jake that he is doing everyone a service. You deserve to be really, really proud.

    June Meyers

  3. David – Having dined with your son and mother when they were in SF looking at colleges, I know what a fine family you have. I have followed and admired your project and hope you find a way to continue. Ralph Kaywin

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